Monday, 15 June 2015

Hello and Welcome

Hello everyone and welcome to Sacred Celluloid, a blog devoted to film. I am excited to launch this blog devoted my musings and reviews of cinema in all forms. I am a huge film buff so in addition I hope that I may be able to lend some insight and history along the way.

With a name like Sacred Celluloid, you can easily assume that I have a love for classic films. It's quite true. I have loved old movies for as long as I can remember, so a great deal of the content on this blog will pertain to classic cinema. That's not to say that I will not be commenting on newer films as well. After all - as I said - I love all movies.

So, introductions have come to an end. All I can say now is that I hope you come back and visit this blog often. I have some interesting things up my sleeve.

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